Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Am I Terrible?

The thing is, school starts next week for Corban and I am very ready for him to be headed to school. I got so used to the schedule last year. I think it helps me be more patient when I have time away from the kids. Summer has been fine, with only a "few" crazy moments, but I need my alone time with Izzy and the house is always in better shape when school is in session. Is it wrong that I need time away from my children?

Not that I am alone in my excitement. Corban loves school, loves the bus, loves his friends, loves his teacher (though he will have a new one this year), and loves to learn new things. He is such a smartie.
Here is Corban waiting for the bus April 2008. I have always loved this picture.

He is so adorable. He really can be one of the sweetest kids on the block. I am always awaiting the aggression and impulsive behavior, but that is something he can't help entirely. Here is to a new year, with new possibilities. I hope he does well with a new teacher. I love you, Corban.

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