Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Teaching Tools

The computer. My kids love it. They often want to play, but I try to give them variety.
One of the things we like to do is find ways to learn online. We often use Google Image Search to look at animals or places. There are so many things you can find. We also frequent YouTube in search of all sorts of things-  the most memorable being swimming with dolphins and how to milk a cow. Some sceening is needed when using YouTube, but you can always save the links to videos you approve.

Today we spent a good half hour on LIVE a website by Intermountain Health Care to encourage a healthy lifestyle. They kids watched videos about how the body works. (Click How the Body Works on the bottom left.)

I also like to find printables, games, etc. There are so many things to use. Corban used to love when I would open a Word Document and let him type. I would tell him the order of letters and when to hit the space bar. I think it really helped him confirm his knowledge of the alphabet. He also loved MiniSebran, a free toddler learning download. It is very simple, but he always wanted to play it when he was younger. They have things like color recognition, numbers, letters (they have to type the letter on the keyboard when they see it), etc.

Do any of you utilize the computer, especially the internet to teach your kids?

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