Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Master Cyclist . . . almost.

Today I took my usual ride up the Provo River Parkway to Bridal Veil Falls. Sometimes I take the kids (in a bike trailer- you try towing 40-80 lbs behind you) and a couple times I have been able to ride solo. It is a beautiful ride. Altogether the ride is 10.92 miles from my house to the falls and back. I have now done this ride about 10 times. I was all set to ride on another few miles up to Vivian Park, but Izzy became vocal about getting out for a better view at the falls.

She was so cute, gently patting the water. After my warnings that it was almost time to go, she willingly got in the trailer. She is so much like me. She is stubborn, but as long as she has warning/preparation then she is obedient- except for bed time. She is being a real silly at bed time lately. When I say silly I mean naughty.

Well, on to the point of this post. I was extremely pleased today as I made my way up the last few hills before the falls. I passed 2 cyclists! They were riding next to each other and a little slower than my pace. That is right, I passed someone. This is a huge thing for me. Usually with the trailer I am slow, and the morning winds make me slower. The wind pushes into the trailer and, man, it makes pedaling harder.

So, there you have it. I am pretty much a master cyclist now. Right? One of the biggest reasons I started bicycling is for the exercise, plus the bike trailer is the second way I can strap my kids down legally.

I have been dormant in my efforts for weightloss this month. I must get back in gear.

These are my main guildelines:

- No eating after 7 or 8. (It should always be 7, but if I stop eating by 8 I am happy.)

- Water, water, and more water. I try to drink as much as I can. I love water.

- Eat smaller portions of food. I try to be satisfied with 1/2 my "regular" portions. I overeat often, so it's probably a normal size.

- Exercise as many days as I can. Be creative. Even if I just chase the kids around the yard for a bit it counts. Try to do something 6 days a week. I usually change into my exercise clothes early, if I know I will be exercising, it takes away my excuse that I am not dressed for it.

Anything else I should be thinking of? I am in no way strict. I don't want to feel trapped. I just need to change my habits, and there are many to change.

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