Friday, July 17, 2009

A little too honest?

I have decided to try something new. I will be sharing some thoughts, ideas, etc. I need a place where I can be totally random and talk about things without boring my family to tears. Here is the blog where I can do that.

A little about me:

I am just a regular girl- self conscious, quirky, and a closet depressive. But don't let that get you down. I love life. I love my religion. I love my family and I love you. So, be ready for some seriously awesome and seriously lame posts.

I love movies, reading, bicycling, and much more. My house is never as clean as I would like. I go through spurts. I get lazy for a week or so (and the house suffers), and then for a while I become a cleaning machine. I become temporarily OCD/The Drill Sergeant. I rearrange furniture and clean things out.

I am not crazy, but sometimes we all wonder if there is some crazy inside me, fighting to get out. Anyone else go through this? I know I may be going on on a limb here. But, it is time for me to be myself. "It's time, wooo" (Can you name the movie?)

My advice to others struggling to control the crazy within:

Find what works for you. Keep experimenting with new things. Find something to be happy about everyday. It can be big or small. Gratitude makes a huge difference for me. Decide to stop worrying about others' feelings toward you (which is nearly impossible for me) and work toward the daily improving of yourself. Are you any better than yester you? Are you worse off?

Make simple goals- make your kids laugh at least once daily, make the bed, clean one room a day, etc. Accomplish at least one goal a day. Or make a long list and try for 5 a day. Find something that works for you. I know that there are thousands of women, and maybe some men, out there trying to hide their mood swings or faults or what have you.

I am probably the last person who should give advice on the how-to-be-normal subject.

The Gospel makes a huge difference in my level of happiness, but, sadly, it isn't always the first place I turn. Eventually, it is the thing that helps the most. I also find that exercise is important. I have been feeling so much better since I began exercising regularly, again.

Is this all too much information? I will stop here for now.

Thoughts? Discuss.


Cicely said...

I think I am always a little too honest. Are you going to join our book club?

Ashley said...

Rachy, I can totally relate! Some das I feel on top of the world and with the flip of a switch, I feel like a crazy person! Some days I feel like a great housekeeper, mom, and wife. But mostly I feel like I can't keep up with everything and everyone. Life is hard, but I find when I simplify I am happiest. The times that I am stressed beyond belief and the girls are driving me crazy(ER!), if I sit and read books with them, or take them out to the pool, something so easy, it is when I am happy and content. Just being with my family and forgetting everything else. Simple. Wish it could stay that way!
Anyway, sorry to ramble! I like your idea of starting a blog just to vent on. I think mine has become my backup scrapbook!
Miss you lots!
love ya!

Gordon E. said...

Love your post. I think you are wonderful. Great idea.