Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love to Sweat.

Am I the only one that likes the feeling of being sweaty after a good workout?

Maybe I should add, I love the feeling of the sweat, but look forward to the shower after. I don't want to sit in the sweat. I have been attending the gym more frequently, the only draw back is how late I go at night. Sometimes I can't get to sleep, but it at least I am getting to the gym. They finally got a Cardio Cinema room at the gym nearest my house. It is great. I love it.


mimi said...

ok so I started a blog oh.. about 2 years ago and rarely get on it...even MORE that I flip through other blogs. Tonight I decided to blog to see what other people out there are blogging about or rather...I just hit it to hit it... and the reason I am commenting on yours (another thing I have never done randomly) is that it was creepily (in a good way) very similar to me. Most in particular the part where you wrote..."I am a neat freak trapped in a pack-rat-clutter-bug's body" HA HA!! That is SO ME!! Plus just yesterday I started a chore/to do list chart for both my boys to keep up with, plus I recently started working out again. Oh and I too am a SAHM! I like the decorated blog. Not very savy in the blog department myself. Still learning. Well,..just wanted to say hello to a random stranger! so Hello!

Jana said...

I love the sweat feeling too! I also love feeling sore sometimes too, just to know that you did it right! I wish my gym had a cinema room like that, looks sweet! Good job for all your hours working out hard!

Camille said...

Cute blog, Rach! I do have to admit, I love the feeling of sweat - but only after a workout, when I'm wearing the appropriate clothing - not when I'm stuck outside on a hot day, fully dressed, with sweat droplets trickling down my cleavage (lack of). Sorry for the visual... good job working out! You're going to smoke us all at the race in August! :)