Friday, July 29, 2011

Currently feeling. . .

Good. Tired. Calm. Nervous. Excited. Stiff, because I can't move as well with this growing creature in my body. I love feeling him move around, and seeing my stomach change shape as he changes position. He was head down last week at my appointment. I feel sore in random places at times- currently my tailbone. I wake up more frequently during the night, but last night it was a cat fight and 8,000 dogs barking that helped rouse me after 3am. I am slightly anemic this time around. I have been taking supplements and cooking in my cast iron skillet to help with that. Also, my heart has been having issues- palpitations and accelerated beating. The doctor had a name for it, but I didn't write it down and can't remember it. I have to do things like keep stress low, drink Gatorade to help keep my electrolyte levels up, etc. The heart acts up when I am resting. It is so annoying. But, I feel well overall, and have been able to do so much this pregnancy, like go to a few days of Girls Camp, attend Youth Conference (camping), a family trip to Moab (off-roading), watching kids, mowing the lawn, etc. I am so blessed/lucky. I have a loyal and hard-working husband who makes it possible for me to be home with our kids.

Just over 7 weeks remain until #3's due date, which means this little surprise could be here in as few as 5 weeks or as many as 9 weeks. (Isn't there a few weeks on either side of the due date that the baby could arrive?) I am excited to meet my little boy, but nervous to transition to 3 children. I watch a friend's son 4 days a week so I am used to 3 kids. He goes on errands with us, and we are just used to having him around for the last year. Only, I get to give him back and I don't have to wake up every few hours at night to feed him. So I think I am only partially understanding how much work it is going to be. I am afraid I will have forgotten everything about having a tiny baby. I don't want to be a lazy mom. I am excited for the new adventure. I am hopeful for my plans of a drug-free labor and delivery, but I have decided that is is not a big deal and I am not a failure if I choose to use the drugs after all. I have a pretty good plan and well, we will see. I will do my best and that is enough.

I put the crib together yesterday... which makes all of this more real for some reason. I've cleaned the car seat. I have clothes pulled from storage and ready to wash. My list of needed items is reasonable. . . but somethings may have to wait. You really don't need a ton of stuff for a new baby. I do wish I would have stockpiled diapers and wipes or bought cloth diapers. I wish he was here already, and yet I don't feel ready for him to come. Does this make any sense? I am excited for new adventures, and hope I can handle it as well as I imagine I can handle it.

I can handle anything, because I am deciding that I can handle anything. Attitude is everything, right?

My oldest son starts 1st grade in a few weeks. That is crazy. I keep trying to mentally prepare him to listen to his teacher, pay attention, and eat all of his lunch without me there to nag him. Daughter will be going to preschool. At least I will have a few hours a day on my own... maybe. We shall see. Dave won't be able to take time off when we have "John the Baptist" so I am praying that I go into labor while he is at work before one of his "short" weeks or 3 day weekends. These are some my random thoughts and feelings. I was definitely rambling.

Did you ever feel any of these ways? What prepared you most for an additional child? Was the transition to first grade (full day at school) easy for you/your child? Any other suggestions?


Gordon E. said...

Just be a calm mother. That is what I should have done:)

Jeff said...

I love you Rach! I know you have a lot on your mind. I hope things work out. I will come and help with Neal John Langston when he arrives. :) Not that that will help much, but at least I can snuggle the baby and that would be fun for me. :)