Friday, April 23, 2010

Greatest Advice?

My mom always has the best advice:
-It is ok to agree to disagree.
     (i.e. going to bed mad is sometimes a good thing. Gives you a chance to calm down and think about it.)
-Kill them with Kindness.
-Never wear high heals on a soggy lawn.
(. . .just to name a few.)

I have a friend on FB who asked
what is the best advice anyone has given you? 
What is your favorite advice about life? Love? etc. 

For me, I think the whole "have an attitude of gratitude" plays a huge role in my life. I also regularly think of D&C 122- through trials, persecution, etc, "and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee.... these things will give thee experience and will be for thy good." I know that is extreme, but for me it helps me remember that regardless of what it is I can get through it and there is something I can learn from it. I am strong. You are strong. I've heard it said that God allows trials that are difficult but that ultimately we can overcome. I believe this. Yes, I kick and scream my way through some things in life, but I do try to remember what the point of all this is. You know? I am also a weirdo and am always saying things (in my head) like, "I bet my ancestors are calling me a whiney baby"- "They (the pioneers) are probably trying to smack me upside the head." I mean, I am lucky. I have a home, running water, toilets, washers of dishes and clothes, cell phones, email, can buy a bag of chicken breasts at Costco (I am picky when it comes to meat on the bone), etc. I might be low on funds, have high stress, or what-have-you, but in all reality I have it pretty good, most of us do, when you think about it. Even at our worst there are others who might have it worse. There is usually someone out there with a harder situation than your own. Can you even imagine being a pioneer and coming to the Salt Lake valley and seeing this...

(image by William Henry Jackson)
Then you hear, "This is the right place." I would have been thinking, "I am tired. Where is the hotel? This is it?"
Thinking back on history like this makes me grateful for those who were strong enough to trek and settle here. This is also where I remind myself to be grateful that didn't have to wake up this morning with my hair frozen to the ground (read the 8th paragraph down, "We started..."). 

So what are your great pieces of advice? What inspires you?


Gordon E. said...

Best advise to give now is to be a calm mother. I wish that I had been a kinder, more gentle mother and not so high strung. Firm, but loving.

Gordon E. said...

I am the most inspired by by family, music and Diety.

Lindsay said...

I have to tell myself everyday that I can't go through life without Christ. I am wholly dependent on him. I am nothing without God. That usually puts me in my place. Then I stop stressing about stupid stuff.

Lynners said...

Love this. I just found this blog of yours and I'm already hooked!

My favorite bit of advice is bits and pieces of wisdom I've gained that I smashed together:
Happiness is a choice, not an event.
Success is a goal, not a gift or a right.
Victims have no power, those who act have plenty.