Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Struggles are good...

We have had a roller-coaster of a year financially(not a nice/fun roller-coaster, something big and scary, that you never want to get on ever again), and I have been thinking about the struggles that come with that. I don't want to talk about all the negitive things, and I don't want to share our finances with anyone, but I just want to say that I really feel positive about the future.

In life, things will happen good or bad and we get to deal with them. It is part of being human. We have crazy days and grumpy days, happy days and not-so-happy ones, but overall I am hopeful that reguardless of our circumstances things will work out for our benefit. Now, maybe that benefit isn't until after we die(aka "not in this life"), but we will learn and progress. Everything is for our education, in preparation for the future. So, here is to a better year.
...And as they say in Meet the Robinsons, "Keep moving forward." (I love this show.)


Jill said...

Sometimes the only thing we have control of is our attitude!

Valerie said...

That movie is one of my favorites with such an awesome message!

Sorry this year hasn't been too nice to you, but I hope that the new year is full of great surprises for you and your family. And like you said, sometimes we don't see the benefits of our enduring well right away, but sometimes we get to see it not too long after. I like your attitude!