Thursday, October 15, 2009

What the devil am I doing awake?

Perhaps I am having a bout of insomnia. I don't know. I cannot sleep. I will be hating life in the morning. If you are reading this, you are in luck. You get to read some random thoughts of mine. I am hoping the continuous sound of the keyboard strokes will lull me to sleep.

Today it rained like a maniac. It was beautiful. I was hoping to mow the lawn and do some weeding, but lucky for me the rain came down.

My sweet mom-in-law asked me what I want for a forthcoming birthday. I hate answering that question. It makes me think of Gina complaining about the same thing and saying.... "Hi, let's celebrate me!" I digress. So I told my mom-in-law I would try to think of some things. Do you enjoy spouting off a list of your wishes? Maybe I should be shouting from the hilltops, "Hi, let's celebrate me!," but it is a bit difficult for me.

Here is what I sent her: bike lock, hug, rolling pin, babysitter for a date, jewelry , deal on a large stockpot, cooking skills, relaxation, gift card..... I don’t know.

(How have I survived this long without a rolling pin… I often use a glass.)

(I don‘t have much jewelry and am looking to branch out…. I envy the trendy friends of mine that always look awesome. Too bad I can only wear the expensive earrings. Sensitive ears are a drag.)

I read the list and thought, "I must be able to think of some better/cooler items." Nope. It hasn't happened yet. I can think of all sorts of things I want for my kitchen. A good massage would be nice, but it is getting harder to relax, the older I get. I would also love a basket for my bike for the times I venture to the store and don’t have a back pack or spacious purse. What do I want for my birthday, folks? Help a girl out.

I have made it more than half way through General Conference. I downloaded the audio files and then put them on my ipod and have really enjoyed being able to really listen to the talks. There is so much wisdom in them. I am so happy I live in this time period. What would I do without technology?

I better climb in bed and hope someone left sleeping dust on my pillow. 


Connie said...

I hope you got some rest today and a better night's sleep tonight. See you at the witches tomorrow?
It's good you downloaded conference. What a way to listen to it, directly to the ears.
p.s. I'm glad you sent me a list.

Camille said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you got most of what you wished for (the "list" was passed on to me as well) :) And there's nothing wrong with shouting from the hilltop: "Celebrate me!" You need that at least once a year! :)

Gordon E. said...

Rachy, You are amazing. I don't like jewelry, but the sensitive ear thing has been very irratating (no pun intended) my whole life also. Good idea to have conference on your ipod.