Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trunk-or-Treat is lame?

Am I the only person in the world that thinks Trunk-or-Treat is lame? Our ward (Thank Heaven!) does not have a Trunk-or-Treat activity. Does anyone else think that it excludes the rest of the community when you celebrate Halloween in a church parking lot instead of trekking to each home? If someone does not want to participate in regular Halloween,  they can just do as others have done before: Turn off you lights, don't answer the door. Ta-Da. If you are worried for your kids safety (think razors in apples) then maybe you should be out there with them and have them skip the houses that irk you.

In my opinion I think that the whole Trunk-or-Treat thing has to go. Who started it in the first place? I know it is practiced by different religious groups. It "creates a safe family oriented environment" and all, but come on. How else can you reach out to your community than going door-to-door with a special message... "Give me some candy! or else. . . " 

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