Friday, October 2, 2009

It always pays to do your VT.

A few days ago, in the nick of time, my VT companion, Joyce, and I went out to get our Visiting Teaching done. Like deathbed repentance we were able to visit both before October showed it's glorious face. (Isn't October wonderful!?) We spent longer than normal chatting with our lovely ladies, and one of the topics we came across was canning. I have been a bit sad that my trees (thanks to my over eager trimming) have been barren this year, but at least now I know what I am doing. Definitely learned by error. Last year I had so many apples I was giving them away by the bagful. And that was after making 40 jars of applesauce and keeping a box of eating apples. My companion talked about the pears and apples she wanted to try canning this year and asked the sister we were with many questions. I listened, needing the lessons in canning myself. I only have canned a few times. First time= last year Laurelyn taught me how to do applesauce. I had been present at canning extravaganzas hosted by my mom and sis-in-laws (they are amazing), but never actively did much until Laurelyn offered to let me come over to learn by doing. At least now I would be more helpful if I was to attempt to keep up with the canning queens I call family.

I digress. Yesterday Joyce called and offered all of her fruit to me. For a few reasons, she wasn't going to be canning after all. I, of course, being a lady of great manners(I wish) , graciously accepted. Today I spent an hour smiling away, while picking delicious apples and pears from my neighbor's trees. 3 boxes later I am excited to get canning. I have never done pears. Wish me luck!

What are your favorite things to can? Or do you hate canning and love the food so next year you are thinking of hiring someone to do the dirty work for you? Anything you have received because of Visiting?


Connie said...

Let me know when you're ready to can those pears. I'll help. I think pears are my LEAST favorite thing to can. They're tedious and messy but they're oh, so good!

Lindsay said...

I only do freezer jam.