Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm drawing a blank

I know I have, probably, the largest following that blogger has ever seen. Really, I know how to draw in the crowds, but what I can't do it come up with a one of a kind, awesome, and clever name for this blog. I have read tips about how to choose your name. Some suggestions: Stick to 3 word titles (not too long or short, easy to recall), no wacky spellings, demonstrate uniqueness, easy to remember, needs to be descriptive or convey an image.

Here I am racking my brain and I have nothing. Well, close to nothing. I have a few ideas I don't want to divulge, which means they must be too amazing to share or very lame. Most likely the latter. Any ideas? It might be funny to do "abby something" - inspired by Young Frankenstein, though few may even get that joke. Do I need to explain? I have an abnormal brain.....
Maybe I just call it Rachymaree. As many a teacher have said, "KISS"- Keep it simple stupid. Or maybe That's simple enough. But really, people I could use your insight. Share some of the genius; you're holding out on me.

So..... what say you?


Jill Kaufusi said...

I think you should go with one of your ideas. Or how about Rachael Rocks.
The link to your blog from mine says Rachael's Ramblings (I didn't know what to put..) So hurry and make up a name so I can change that.

Lindsay said...

Ham Bone Unplugged


Connie said...

Rachael's Raging Machine
No? OK. Peace out.