Monday, October 12, 2009


I was able to do 22 jars of applesauce in 4 hours! I am so proud of myself. Is it sometimes ok to brag?

[There should be a picture of all the apples here. I forgot to take one. So instead I will find some random internet image.]

I finally got around to cleaning off the outsides of the jars to put them in storage. Total jars= 32 and a little bit over (half a small jar). Isn't it funny that I spent the same amount of time both days(12-4. While Corban was at school-) and only did 10 jars the first day. I guess I had to get a system set up the first day and the next day I was more prepared, but wow.

[And here should be a picture of all the lovely finished jars. They are all stacked in boxes on the shelves.]

If all goes as planned, tomorrow I attempt pears.


Connie said...

What a woman! It's OK to brag but that's not bragging, that's just tellin' it like it is!
Proud of you.

Lindsay said...

You are awesome!