Sunday, September 6, 2009


Today my sweet neighbor stopped by unexpectedly with an offering of zucchini bread. She is one of the nicest women. She is upbeat and fun. Happy most of the time. She was fun and smiling all through church. She bore her testimony today about the atonement and it's ability to heal us and lead us to happiness. She is such a positive women and I am so blessed that I know her. She also recently found out she has to go in for surgery again, because her cancer is back. (And this fact was broadcast over the pulpit, and she still reacted positively.) As she handed over the treat I just kept thinking, "no, I can't accept this, I am supposed to be doing something nice for you." I actually was having that internal conversation you have with yourself about "don't you dare cry..." "oh, but I can feel the pressure behind my eyes.." "well, ignore it. You will not cry. Then you will be all embarrassed and splotchy." .... etc...
It is sometimes hard to accept things from others, but I guess that means it is my turn to pay it forward.

What a great example for me to follow. No matter what is ailing you, get out and share something with others.

Have any of you received gifts you felt like you didn't deserve?

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