Saturday, September 19, 2009

P90X-tra hard

Yesterday on Facebook I made a comment about wanting P90X the "extreme" home workout system DVD set. I have wanted to try it out before I save up to buy it.

I found a neighbor with the DVDs and convinced her to let me borrow them. (-Could I try them out? -Sure.) I woke up a little early today and made my first attempt. The manual isn't kidding when it says that this system is only for people in good shape looking for more. I had to modify often, and I only had time to do the first half. Boy, am I sore. It was a great work out, even for just the half hour I had to devote to it. At least the DVDs only target one area at a time, so only part of me is tired and sore (my legs- specifically all the thigh muscles.) I am excited to try more of the 13 discs. I think even if I just did a low modification of the hour long work outs eventually I would work up to be able to work up to full impact. It was a little sad, because I have been working out so much this summer, I guess I haven't been doing all over workouts, just running/jogging, cycling, etc.

About our Biggest Loser adventure. The weigh in went fine, but I was missing a few lbs. Which is bittersweet news. I am glad to have discarded a few more pounds, but I had been pigging out for the two days prior to the weigh in and I weighed less than expected. Don't you want to weigh the most for the first weigh in? What is your opinion?

For our competition, there aren't really any rules. We weigh in every 2 weeks, Thursday nights. Take turns bringing healthy snacks and recipes. Final weigh in is Dec 17. Winner gets $100, 2nd $25, 3rd @15. So I will just continue to follow my made up guidelines/rules. I will post them next. I also should be posting something about how many days I can go without indulging in chips... they are the devil's snare. Goodbye, Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar or Doritos. I will only be seeing you once in a while or at parties. I have a 99 cent bag in my night stand. Let's see how long they survive. I want to go eat them right now, but, no, I will stare my temptation in the face and eat some raw carrots, because everyone knows if those carrots were cooked there is no way I would be eating them.


Busty LaRue said...

P90X is EVIL! We bought it, and I can't even do it, so we bought Power 90, the workout program before P90X. It is easier, but still really hard.

I didn't last very long on it before I had to stop (health reasons) but I got pretty good results considering how short of a time I was on it. That's the one I'd recommend before you try P90X.

Good luck with your challenge!

Lindsay said...

Good luck with the Biggest Loser challenge. You can do it Rach!